Rules and Regultions

  • Students mut abide by the folloeing rules notified by the School/College from time to time. Voilation of following rules shall render them liable to disciplinary action such fines, Suspension/expulsion from School/College.

  • Students must each college before college timing otherwise they will not be allowed to enter class/College.

  • Students must be in proper uniform.

  • Smoking in college premisis is strictly prohebited.

  • No student will bring any weapon(Licensed or UnLicensed) to class.

  • Drining or eating is not allowed in class rooms,Labs,Library or corridors during any formal activity.

  • Student must speak Eglish and Urdu in the Colege. Rough and Uncivilized words are prohebited in class.

  • If a student defaults in submission of college dues for a period of 15 days, his name will be stuck off from college roll.

  • Students must keep good attitude and behaviour with teacher. In case of any misbehaviour managment can suspend the Student.

  • No student is allowed to leave the class without permission of his/her teacher until class is over.

  • Students must put Wrappers and other raw materials into dust bin.

  • Grouping and all kind of politics are strictly prohibited.

  • Mobile is not Allowed.


  • All the students are required to attend the college in proper uniform, the details are as follow.

  • FOR BOYS: White shirt, Light grey pant, college Belt, College Tie, Black shoes, Black socks, College card, Grey Blazer/coat(Winter

  • FOR GIRLS:White Shirt, White Shalwar, Dopata (Dark Green for 9th& 10th. Sky Blue for 1st Year. Pink for 2nd Year. Mehroon for 3rd Year and Dark Blue for 4th Year.) Black Shoes, College Card, Grey Blazer.

  • FOR ELEMENTARY GIRLS: White Shalwar, Sky Blue lining Shirt, Scarf White, White Socks, Black Shoes, School Card, Blue Blazer/Coat (Winter)

  • FOR ELEMENTARY BOYS: Grey Pant, Sky Blue lining Shirt, School Tie, Black shoes, School Card, Blue Blazer/Coat (Winter)

  • Montessori Section BOYS: Black Pant With Red Black Check Shirt, School Tie, Black Shoes, White Socks, School Card, Black Coat/Red Blazer (Winter)

  • Montessori Section GIRLS: Red & Black Frock, Black Tights, School Tie, Black Shoes, Black Socks, School Card, Black Coat/Red Blazer (Winter)


  • Incase of 3 absentees in a month, the student will be suspended from the class and will be restored after paying Rs. 500/- fine.

  • Incase more than 3 absentees College will issue intimation or show cause notice.

  • Incase of more than 5 absentees the student will be struck off from the college.


  • Student will fill re-admission form.

  • Rs. 3000/- will be charged as re-admission fee.

  • Parents will submit an undertaking.

  • A student could only be restored once after suspension.

  • A student could only be readmitted once after struck off.


  • 85% attendance is required for internal exam.

  • The student having less than 85% attendance will complete their attendance remain attending extra classes. They will pay extra charges for extra classes according to the rule and regulations and an undertaking will be demanded from the parents.

  • Before exams students must clear their dues and fines. After clearance they will be issued roll number slips.

  • Mobile, Digital devices except calculator, helping material is not allowed in examination hall otherwise an UMC will be considered and such student and will be penalized Rs. 1000/-

  • If a student is absent from exams due to any genuine reason, he will appear in supplementary without any examination charge. If a student is absent from exams without any genuine reason, he will appeared in re-exams after paying re-exam charges and fine.

  • Failure students will definitely appear in supplementary exam. But before re-exam they will have to submit paper money.


  • Leave is totally discouraged but in seven condition leave / leaves will be granted by vice principals . coordinator and class in charge after the following procedure.

  • MEDICAL LEAVE: Medical leave will be granted only after showing medical report of concerned doctor after approval or recommendation of class in charge.

  • URGENT LEAVE: urgent leave will be granted after approval of parents . Parents will have to come or contact the college to verify the status of leave.

  • SHORT LEAVE: short leave will be granted after attending first 4 classes . The class incharge and subjects in charge will be responsible to recommend the leave. 1 girls will be allowed to go only with parents or guardians in case of short leave. 2 in case of absence from any lecture the student will be considered absent for a whole day.